Work Restraint Equipment

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The next piece of equipment we are going to look at here is this piece of equipment that I have got to my left. This here is what we use when we need to be in a work restraint environment, where we cannot physically take a fall. It is there to protect us from being able to be in a fall arrest position. This piece of equipment is very, very similar when we look at it as our work positioning lanyard. So, for inspection purposes, we will carry out the same inspection regime on this piece of equipment as we would on this. There is, however, just a minor addition to this piece of equipment on my left. The minor addition is the fact that we do have an energy absorber attached to this piece of equipment. So, like our lanyards, we would be inspecting this exactly the same as our lanyards and this bit, as I was just saying, exactly the same as we would for our work positioning belt.

There is, however, one minor difference with this piece of equipment, and this is what we have here. Instead of using the carabiner, what we are actually using here is what they call a maillon. A maillon is designed so it will open and close the same as a screwgate carabiner, but it only has a single action. So, when we actually tighten this particular piece of kit up, we need to pinch it tightly with a spanner, so as it cannot be undone by fingers and thumbs.

We would be looking yet again for our identifications for the equipment, so the serial numbers, the year of manufacture, the CE markings, and the EN numbers, as we can clearly see on this particular piece of kit here. And again, as it is on the work positioning, the serial number, yet again, will be on this particular part of the equipment here.