Using a Portable Ladder

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Now we are going to demonstrate the two-man lift using a portable ladder. You need to remember this is because there is no other way of accessing a particular area.

It is being now footed as I undo all the ladder.

And next, we need to go the correct distance away from the wall. And we try to use the one-in-four principle. So, the one-in-four principle is four metres high, one metre in. That creates a good base. My colleague now is going to come over here ready to foot the ladder.

Ladder's footed now secure. Make my way back down again.

That was the correct way in order to climb up and down a ladder. We would also secure to the top by lashing it to a fixed point. We know now, therefore, it is now sturdy; it cannot move. We are able to use the ladder in a correct manner to go up and down for short duration work. But you may be on your own, not able to have someone to foot the ladder for you. Therefore, you are able to purchase mechanical devices that are fixed to the floor that you have to then fix the heel of the ladder to.

Making sure it is lashed at the top, we can use this ladder not only for going up and down but maybe going onto a platform. So, stepping off of the top also has to be done correctly. Now we are going to extend the ladder. On this particular wall, there is a safety clip that it uses. So, I have pushed the safety clip back. My colleague is going to push the ladder forward a bit. I am able to lift it up. I have kept my feet by the heel, so it does not move, and I can keep extending this now to the highest point that I can get it to.

If I need any further, he will come around now, and we can actually try and push it in situ, in order to get it even higher. And now we have been able to extend it high enough for me to get to the top of this platform. And finally, we can now bring the ladder back down to the ground and footing it. Jim now holding the bottom, lowering the ladder down safely, back down to the ground again. What we are now is demonstrate, if you are on your own, how to bring the ladder back down again. So, push it up against the wall. And then we allow the wall to act as our footer. And I am able now to bring the ladder down safely, down to the floor again.