Ladder Fixings

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Securing Ladders: Methods and Devices

Methods to Secure Ladders

There are various methods to securely fix a ladder:

  • Using Slings or Ropes: Secure the ladder by tying it with slings or ropes.
  • Pegging the Heel: Use pegs to anchor the ladder's base firmly to the ground.
  • Bolt Holes: Utilise bolt holes to fasten the ladder securely.

Securing Ladders on Different Surfaces

Depending on the surface, different methods may be required:

  • Roof Fixing: Secure the ladder at the top of a roof using appropriate methods.
  • Levelling Devices: Use levelling devices to ensure stability on uneven surfaces. These devices can be purchased or hired.
  • Specialised Ladders: Consider ladders with additional legs for stability or systems where multiple ladders can be fixed together with a platform.
  • Gutter Fixings: Use specialised fixings designed to secure ladders around gutters.

Assess the specific requirements of your working environment and select the appropriate fixings and methods to secure the ladder effectively.