Using a Work Position Lanyard

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The next piece of equipment we are actually going to demonstrate now is how we use our work positioning lanyard. What we do need to remember though is we cannot use this piece of equipment on its own. We must always be in fall arrest. So, I do have to have these attached at all times, even when I use my work positioning lanyard as I will demonstrate for you now.

First of all, I need to make sure I am attached with my lanyards. I am only going to climb up a short distance. I don't need to climb all the way up just so that I can demonstrate how this particular piece of equipment works. So, I am going to climb up two to three steps. I know I am going to be using my work positioning lanyard, so, first of all, move my lanyards one at a time, making sure I am always connected, to the possible highest point I can reach. I still have my three points of contact with my feet, my one arm and my lanyards. What I need to do now, because I either need to do some work here or I need to take a rest, I am going to take my work positioning lanyard by just disconnecting that point there, and what I'm going to do is I am going to wrap it around the ladder, wherever I feel that I need to wrap it, and then I'm going to attach this end here to the opposite side of my harness. What you can now see is a loop.

Now that loop is in place what I need to do is bring myself into a comfortable position. For me to do that, all I need to do is manoeuvre this little piece here by pressing the handle in, or I can actually just pull the rope and it should do it for me. Moving my rope protector round a little bit more, so as it is allowing my slider to slide. What it allows me to do then just go hands-free. I can actually carry out work if I need to use both hands, or I can just take a rest because what this will do, it will allow me to lean back into it and let myself have a rest.

To disconnect, all I need to do now is come back to where my attachment point is here, disconnect it, bring it back round to the side where I had it attached before, connect it back up and then, using my lanyards, bring myself back down.