Example of a Straight Climb

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What I am going to demonstrate now is just a straightforward climb in real time. So again, I am going to put my lanyards as high as I possibly can without trying to overstretch or overreach. All I am going to do then is climb up, making sure I think about my fall factors as I climb. As I start to climb, there is nothing wrong with me taking one off and reaching up straightaway. Using alternate hands, as you can see, I am not allowing my lanyards to go into a lower position than my chest height. I have always got one as high as I can possibly get it as well. Straight up again. Once I get to the point that I want to get, there is nothing wrong with putting both my lanyards on that point. Now, all I am going to do, again, is reverse my climb.

Ensuring that every movement I am making, my lanyards are not going below that point.