Attaching Lanyards

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What we are going to look at now is where to attach these lanyards to the harness and the importance of it. You will find that some people do prefer to have them attached to the back, because if they are attached to the back, it does allow them to be able to do their job a little bit more freely, although they do recommend in this country that we wear them at the front, because if anything was to happen, when we do have a fall, we are able to help ourselves or assist ourselves in a self-rescue scenario. So, if I was to attach them to the front, I do need to open up the carabiner, the triple-lock carabiner, and I would attach it to my front fall arrest, the sternal fall arrest. What I do not want to be doing is attaching them to my side working D-rings. Because if I attach it there and start using my lanyards, and I was to take a fall, then it could end up being a serious, serious accident. So, we need to ensure that they do go to our front working D-ring, the sternal working D-ring, the fall arrest D-ring.

Now, because of the length of them being two metres, as you can see, they are a bit cumbersome, where do I stow them? Well, entirely up to you how you prefer to stow them. Me, personally, how I like to stow them is by just putting them over my shoulder like so, so as they are out the way and I can walk around quite comfortably with them. Some people do prefer to get the scaffold hooks there and attach them to their side working D-ring, like that, which is not a great problem, but it does create a trip hazard a little bit. So, putting them around the shoulder, I tend to find what it does is it keeps everything out of the way and it keeps it nice and tidy.