Step Ladders

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Using Step Ladders Safely

Overview of Step Ladders

Step ladders typically feature a small platform at the top designed for tools and equipment:

  • If the ladder has a rail and handle above the platform, it is safe to stand on.
  • Without a rail and handle, standing on the platform is unsafe.

Common Improper Uses of Step Ladders

Improper use of step ladders can lead to accidents:

  • Partially Open Ladders: Using the ladder without fully extending it, risking instability.
  • Standing or Sitting on Adjacent Objects: Using ladders alongside other objects with feet leaning on the ladder platform, posing a risk of toppling over.
  • Standing at the Top: Standing on the very top platform to reach equipment, which is unsafe.
  • Removing Ladders Prematurely: Removing ladders while someone is still using them as a platform, risking falls.

Using Step Ladders Correctly

Follow these guidelines for safe use of step ladders:

  • Ensure the ladder is fully opened and locked into position.
  • Do not use ladders alongside or leaning against other objects.
  • Choose Stable Step Ladders: Look for ladders with a handle that stabilises the ladder like a brake, providing a secure platform for work.

Using step ladders correctly ensures safety and prevents accidents in various work environments.