Hierarchy of Control

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What we are looking at now is working at height. And when we come to the working at height side of things, what we need to think about is the hierarchy of control. Hierarchy of control tells us that if we can we need to avoid working at heights. But if that is not possible then we have a ladder of things that we need to look at. Following avoiding working at heights, we need to look at, "Can we do the job using preventative measures, so as people cannot take a fall?" If we cannot do that we then have to look at the fall arrest side of things. When it comes to the fall arrest side of things, we do need to look at either collective measures first; if that is not possible then we go into individual fall arrest.

What we are concentrating on today, obviously, is individual fall arrest. Some of the equipment I have behind me, as you can see, starting from the closest side here, we have our harnesses. We then have our fall arrest lanyards, our helmets, our work positioning belts, inertia wheels and what we call restraint lines. And this is just a basic piece of equipment that we would actually need to use. There are other things out there that can obviously take us a lot further, but this is just showing us how the basic equipment works and to be able to understand what restraint and fall arrest are.