Donning the Work Positioning Lanyard

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Now that we have done our pre-use inspection on our work positioning lanyard, we now need to attach it to our harness. How this particular piece of kit can attach to the harness is very simple. This particular piece here is the piece that once it is attached does not need to be moved. So, what we would do with this is make sure that our carabiner will open by unscrewing the gate and we will attach it to one of our side working D-links on the harness. Screwing the gate up to make sure it will not come undone. Check to make sure it will not.

This other end is the end that we use quite a bit when we are actually working up at height as I will demonstrate a bit later on, but to stow it away on to the harness at the present, the easiest way to do it is one of two ways. We could either attach it back to here on the same side, so it is on the one side there and maybe adjust the rope, so it is not too much of a trip hazard. Or we could actually take it off from here, and again, put a bit slacker into it, take it over our shoulders, and attach it to the opposite side, which it will attach if I adjust into them in a minute. Or I could attach it to my other side there to keep it out of the way as well.