Setting Up an Inertia Reel

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What we are going to look at now is another form of fall arrest device. This particular piece of equipment here is known as an inertia reel. And what we are going to do is show you how we can bag it up, attach it to our harness, go to a place of height, set the piece of equipment up so that it allows people, when we know that we have got to gain access on a regular basis, to attach to that rather than having to use lanyards all the time. So, what I am going to do here now is, I am obviously going to put the equipment that is required to be used for putting this piece of equipment, the inertia reel, into operation. So, feed in the inertia reel into the bag, along with the sling and a length of rope, or length of string, either, but we just need to make sure that that length of string is the height and length of the ladder that we are going to be using. Feeding them into the bag. What I am doing here now is making sure that the bag is closed tightly, and I am going to attach this to me now. And the reason why I am doing this is because when I am working at height, the last thing I want is any falling objects.

So, if I attach this to me and I use it in the correct manner, I am eliminating the possibility of any falling objects. So, with my screw gate carabiner, all I am going to do now is attach it to the side of my harness, ensuring that the screw gate is fastened up. Give it a fraction of a turn because a little bit of weight on it so it could friction lock, and I am ready to go. From this point here, what I am going to do it is I am going to climb the ladder just to my side here, to the very top, and I am going to set the inertia reel up so that the next time that I come down, I will be able to utilise that rather than using my lanyards. Take in mind, though, I will always have my lanyards with me because if I do get to the top, and I have still got open edges once I come off the inertia reel, I can use my lanyards as protection when I am there.