General Precautions

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Let us review some of the general precautions. It is important that we protect the public. Whenever we are working at height we need to ensure that we take adequate cautions to ensure the safety of the general public from falling materials. Super barriers must be erected to prevent access to the area and warning signs displayed at all times. So do not float any materials down, do not walk close the edge of any roof or walkway. Do not use defective equipment. Do not stack lose materials near to the edge. Moving on also too fragile roofs, people have fallen through fragile roofing material such as asbestos cement sheets, plastic sheeting, corrugated steel sheeting, glass, including wire-reinforced glass, wood wall slabs, strawboard slabs affected by water and even chipboard. So we need to, first of all, identify what is material before work can even start. Look for any skylight, roof light or covered glass, use crawling boards or even a roof ladder and do not step on to a fragile roof at any time.