Inertia Reel

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What we are going to look at now is what is known as the inertia reel, and this is something that can be set up as a fall arrest device for you. Again, before we can use any piece of equipment we know we have to do a pre-use inspection. So, first and foremost I am going to look for the serial number so as I can identify yet again to our formal inspection records. So, as we can see, looking at the very front here, we can actually see at the bottom of this rectangular piece here, our serial number. Just above our serial number, it has the date of manufacture and it does have its CE marking, which tells us then that we can use it in the industry in the UK.

When I am looking at this piece of equipment I need to look to make sure I am happy with the general condition of the whole piece of kit or equipment. So, I am giving it a quick look around to make sure I am happy with it, making sure there's nothing there that could be of damage to me. The other thing that is interesting as well because when it comes to using it, it does have a diagram on how to use it. So, it does help you if you seem to think, "Oh, how do I use it? Oh, yeah, look at the diagram." It will remind you, refresh you.

So, how do I inspect this? Always start from the point where you are happy, where you know that you can go from one end to the other quite comfortably. First and foremost, again we come to our carabiner, which is our attachment point when we want to use this piece of equipment. Carabiners, as we know, we do have to check to make sure there is no damage done to them, no rust, or any kind of damage that could cause corrosion or anything like that. We are using the screwgate carabiner, which allows us to unlock and lock the gate, making sure that when it is screwed up the gate won't open. Checking again, making sure I am happy with everything on that. Coming down to where it is attached, making sure there is no damage there so as if I was attached to this and I was to take a shock loaded fall, it is not going to fall apart on me. Making sure all the connectors are all in good working order and good place.

What I am going to do here now is I am going to turn it upside down. The reason being is how the inertia reel works is very much like a seat belt in a car. It will allow me freedom if climbing. So, I will be attached to my front fall arrest on my harness and I can climb up and down. If I was to take a fall, this is designed like a seat belt in a car, to suddenly lock off. As you could see there, it locks off quite quickly and that is to stop me from being able to fall from wherever height I am down to the ground. To inspect this, ideally, I do need to pull all of the inertia out, because I need to look at it to make sure that there is no damage done whatsoever to any of that material that we can see there, the webbing. So, I have pulled it out to its fullest, though it has still got a little bit more to go.