Donning the Helmet

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As we can see now, Jim has just put the helmet on to his head and what he will do first and foremost is he will adjust the cradle using the two adjustments that we saw on the demonstration earlier. Now he is doing the chinstrap up and he needs to pull the chinstrap comfortably tight. But when I say comfortably tight... Just face that way for me, Jim. What we are looking for when we actually get it comfortably tight is so as it will not come off, but I do not want it so as it is strangling me. So ideally, I just need to be able to get my finger in under my chin like so. That is it. So, with the helmet on like that now, we know that if ever he was working at a height the helmet cannot come off if he has done his cradle up correctly, tightened it up. Is that loosened or tightened?

Okay. Do the strap up comfortably tight. And now we know when he is at work now, the helmet cannot come off. It is going to stay nice and tight around his head, but comfortable. Not as if it is choking him. The other good thing about it is because we have got webbing straps here, what cannot happen is the helmet coming off and being a choke factor, whereas, with elasticated chinstraps, that is a possibility. And again, like I say, you can see with the helmet on him now, there is no peak here, so it gives him all-round visibility for when he is actually working at height.