Using a Step Ladder

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Safe Use of a Step Ladder: Setup and Operation Guide

1. Setting Up the Step Ladder

Follow these steps to set up the ladder:

  • Positioning: Bring the ladder to a vertical position.
  • Opening: Open up the ladder fully.
  • Safety Check: Ensure the sides are fixed securely in place.

2. Working on the Step Ladder

Important safety tips while working on the ladder:

  • Staying Within Boundaries: Never lean over sideways; always stay within the ladder's sides.
  • Point of Contact: Maintain a firm grip with at least one hand while performing tasks.
  • Top Platform: Do not stand on the top platform; it is for tools only.

3. Packing Away the Step Ladder

Instructions for safely packing away the ladder:

  • Reverse Process: Lift the clips to release, fold the ladder together.
  • Lowering: Carefully bring the ladder back down to the floor.

Following these steps ensures the safe setup, operation, and storage of a step ladder.