Course Overview

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Before we start this course, we will first look at what will be covered during the training. The course is divided into categories and in each category, there are a number of videos. You can pause and re-watch any video on the course. We update our courses regularly and you will be able to see the replacement and new videos as they are released.

This may be an online course, but if have any questions during the course you can contact us on 01206 805359, email on or use our online chat on any of our online sites. More information can also be found on

You work through the course videos in order and we'll now give you a summary of what the course will cover:

Firstly, we will take a look at Regulations and Laws in relation to Working at Heights (2005), Health & Safety statistics along with an HSE Case Study.

The final categories include the use, inspection and fixings of ladders, as well as using portable ladders, tressels and tower scaffold.

This course has approximately 30 minutes of video training followed by a final test.