Inspecting a Step Ladder

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Now, we are going to inspect a stepladder. First of all, is the label on the side. Can we read it? Is the EN131 number legible? It confirms its permissible weight is 150 kilograms. We have got to be able to read that information first of all. Then, I am going to reverse this ladder. Another label. Again, a general safety guidance on how to use this particular ladder correctly. Want it or not, start at the top. What is the top like? Is it fixed and secure? Then down to the sides. That is where it has got rivets. Make sure they are not loose as you go down each of the sides.

Check the feet. Make sure they are not damaged, and the rubbers are in place. Do this for both sides. Check the feet, make sure they do not twist and there is no damage, no creases, no dents whatsoever. Check the mechanism, the side, the fold-up. Do they lock into place to make sure it is secure? The general stability of the ladder. Is it good? Move your way around to the back of the ladder. Same again, down the side, fitting, checking, making sure there is no damage. Down to the feet. Are they in place? And the back part, the security part, is it nice and secure? There is the visual dome. I am happy with that now. Fill out the paperwork. Record it. Log it all. Check the serial number. This is now safe to use.