Using a Portable Ladder

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Two-Man Lift Using a Portable Ladder: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Footing the Ladder

Ensure the ladder is securely footed:

  • Positioning: Place the ladder at a suitable distance from the wall.
  • One-in-Four Principle: For every 4 metres of ladder height, move the base 1 metre away from the wall for stability.

2. Securing the Top

Lash the ladder securely to a fixed point at the top:

  • Stability: Ensure the ladder is stable and cannot move during use.
  • Alternative: Consider using mechanical devices fixed to the floor if footing assistance is unavailable.

3. Extending the Ladder

Extend the ladder safely to reach desired heights:

  • Safety Clip: Release safety clips and extend the ladder gradually.
  • Assistance: Have a colleague assist in pushing the ladder upwards when needed.

4. Bringing Down the Ladder

Safely lower the ladder back to the ground:

  • Using the Wall: Use the wall as a support to lower the ladder safely.
  • Control: Lower the ladder gradually with control to avoid accidents.

Following these steps ensures safe handling and use of a portable ladder, whether working alone or with a colleague, for accessing elevated areas.