Step Ladders

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Let us now consider the use of step ladders. There is a small platform usually at the top of many and that is designed to support tools and various equipment you might need. If it actually has a rail, a handle above it, then you can actually stand on that platform. If it does not, then you can not. However there can be some improper use of step ladders; one, for example, it is not actually fully opened up; it is left as it is and then somebody might use it to go up into the back of a vehicle for example. It may be they use the step ladders then stand or sit on another object that it is next to, with their feet leaning against the platform. Imagine trying to get back on to it, again risking toppling over.

People have even been seen standing at the very top of the platform, leaning over using equipment; or, they have used it to climb up on to a platform and then somebody else has taken the step ladders away for another job. So we need to use them correctly. Some of the best step ladders out there actually have a handle which allows the whole thing to rest on the ground like a brake, therefore it becomes a good stable platform to work off.